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OUR MULTIVERSE OF DOCUTOPIA IS AN organic ~ opensource *eco/social/emotional mAPping TOOL

HERe comes an invitation for you to be pART of the positive climate change…. if you would like to present your personal truth telling by mAPp|ng (HI)Story-LineS, EVEnts, DOts….

Co*creating future out of this very moment and continue contemporary paths together from utopia into a calm coexistence within nature. Building real time/land/people ~ bridges from virtual reality to real and souvereign reality.

Our goal is to become ONE HUMAN RACE again by implementing technological symbiotic synergies and peacycling solutions. This is how individual dreams become simultaneously synchronizable realities on our ONE MOTHER EARTH.

It’s prototypes 1.o.&2.O are still in development, nevertheless they are already self editable as you can add your markers right now following new.docutopia.de
FORreal life solutions:
EASYMAPping places, events and profile, including your needs and offers as hashtags. THEY are directly visible for everyONE IF YOU TRUST YOURSELF AND THE MULTIBLE MOBS AS WELL.

In the nearby future DOCUTOPIA’S MULTIVERSE opens up alternative ways for collective governance in real time, directly on the ground everywhere. Justice through equality of currencies including (multi)national, regional, crypto, timesharing and gift economical ones combine all possibities as platform to collaborate regiobal and transparent for  future generations to walk proudly in our footsteps forward into OUR 3rd millennium.      .       .         .

StArT here and now on DOCUTOPIA 2.O prototype:

* Register / Login...to create a profile and share your profile location wherever you would like to map it.

* Your Profile includes:

avatar (sml. profile picture)

offers (you would like to make)

needs (you would like to be satisfied)

free text (please add your phonenr. or mail to be reachable)

* These three types of entries you can search and/or map easily yourself:

– Places
– Events (temporary places)
– People (profiles)

Sharing of places and events does not require registration/login



Let’s heal mother earth together through the Arts for our future generations to inherit a natural and peaceful past. So how can we use ecosocial cartography to solve as many SDG’s as possible through interdisciplinary participation? On the one hand I invite you to include your markers onto the current map versions of docutopia, following the little stART prototypes 1.0 & 2.O.where ECOHEROS …grow their roots together.

On the other hand, eco-social game components, so-called „ecoquests“ shall be implemented too. These plant seeds function as a furtile ground of an unconditional basic income in the future. Based on and supported by active prosumers as players in reality, the implementation of the SDG’s regarding biodiversity, water quality, air and earth health of the places and their people is given back into their own hands. Interdisciplinary events, workshops, learning, teaching, research, scientific as well as artistic cocreation in any forms can also be integrated into the ongoing multiversial #docutopia_MAPplication.

I am very grateful for this stArt up, thanks to your and multiple contributions, to be a part of symbiotic synergy solutions.

Mostly through your help and already existing professional, social and ecological circles, docutopia combines cartography, grassroot, top down and bottom up projects, policies, politics, people with the planet’s health itself.

If you would like to invest, water the plants of this ecosocial sculpture and help to grow strong and healthy into a peaceful coexistence with nature, the two prototypes of the open source platform „docutopia“ offer the opportunity for software developers and many others with a long-term perspective, to cocreate the next versions together.

Ecological, solidarity, political, multicultural, professional, private as well as already existing maps will be integrated as layers, where offers and needs can directly match on the multi layered map in the nearby future.

The first version of DOCUTOPIA is still active and can also still be used for research and mapping of permanent places under the following link: MAP 1.0 THE FOLLOWING CATEGORIES EXIST:






CSA & organic / conv. Agriculture / Permaculture


„The Why Hostels“

Social Sculpture Lab

Insektenhäuser – HOUSES for INSECTS

MagicNatureSpaces and art in public places

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THANK YOU for YOUR contributiOnS:

1ST DO nation from Michel:  250,-